“Best possible plants for your asparagus field”

Since 25 years ago Plantara Plants grow plants in the best possible conditions
We specialize in producing high quality asparagus plants, very large, healthy,
vigorous and hardiness
We sell plants at a very competitive price
Plantara Asparagus Plants will give you the best possible start, and forms the basis for a premium quality and profitable asparagus field.

Our goal: your asparagus field grow and produce the best possible way to a successful crop and optimum financial results
This method has great advantages over planting crowns or smaller plants from greenhouses.
Through good planning and our plants, you will get a continuous and exponential growth of the asparagus field due to the successful adaptation of our plant to the soil.
You get in the first year of harvest + 25% higher production comparing to crowns. And you will reach full production in the second year of harvest
WE OFFER also of ORGANIC asparagus plants

Contact us to request information or quotation.

Javier Asenjo: +34 609 77 65 54



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